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Marshall Ahders | Owner | Technix Consulting


Marshall has been in the field of I.T. since 2012, employing his knowledge in areas ranging from personal to professional enterprises. In 2020, he decided to start Technix Consulting with the mindset of providing his community with a company to turn to for help with their computer problems. His skills range from troubleshooting and triage; configuring computers, software, servers and switches; to planning network layouts. He is passionate about preparing for the future and works to ensure his customers can expand and upgrade should they choose to.


During his personal time, he enjoys taking his “doggo,” Max out to play and walk, he is also a woodworking enthusiast. Marshall also loves testing and exploring new technologies during his off-time to see what may fit his customers’ needs and to remain on the cutting edge.


      Aidan joined the Technix team as a budding computer enthusiast, with aspirations of adding more tools to his technical belt and taking over the world! He has become an integral part of the team with an ever-growing skill set of documentation, troubleshooting, onboarding and glowing customer service. His sense of humor keeps things light.

      When not working with his customers to resolve their problems, Aidan spends his time with family and friends playing tabletop and video games. He’s also extremely fond of outdoor activities, like archery and bike riding when the weather allows for it.
Aidan Crossman | Technician | Technix Consulting

With our business model and goal of creating partnerships; we become invested in our customers and their success.

When we join forces, we live out the belief that your success is our success.

"Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care."

–President Theodore Roosevelt

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We actively listen to ensure we support your particular, unique needs. What is your objective?

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We ensure any technological obstacles you encounter are quickly managed, allowing your business to move forward and be successful.


You can count on our team to deal with any situation with courtesy and a competent manner.

Our skills & expertise

Here at Technix Consulting LLC., we have a very particular set of skills. Skills acquired over a very long career. Skills that make us a nightmare for computer problems, and skills that can give you peace of mind!

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