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We take the worry out of technology so you can focus on your company’s success!

With us as partners in managing your technology you can focus on what your business is meant to accomplish.

What are the benefits of working with us?:

  • 24/7 Reliability
  • Saving money on personnel and “by-the-hour” services
  • Team of professionals that have your back
  • Defense against digital attacks like malware and viruses
  • Problems are fixed the first time through.

I.T. Consultation


We are here to partner with you to assess your needs and find solutions that fit them.

We use industry best practices to give you an informed perspective on equipment purchases, software purchases, policies, and security.

Included in our ongoing consultations are:

  • Project Time Frames
  • Flexible Options
  • Estimates on Itemized Expenses
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Home Repair & Service | IT Repair Service | Technix Consulting

Home Repair & Service

Does any of this sound familiar?

– “Why is this thing so SLOOOWWWW?!”
– “What does ‘404 Page Not Found‘ even mean?!”
– “My printer isn’t working!”
– “I HATE my computer!!!”

If so, we can help you!

Web Hosting

Need a secure, stable, and reliable place to house your website?

All businesses that own a website used for e-commerce, marketing, or simply information recognize the importance of a consistent online presence.

This is why we at Technix Consulting promise a 99.9% uptime when using our web hosting service!

Web Hosting | Technix Consulting
Remote Backups | Remote Backup Services | Technix Consulting

Remote Backups

Have you ever suffered the loss of important data?

Most of us have lost data at one point or another to either corruption or the malice of viruses and malware. The feeling is terrible, and we completely understand.

This is why we provide a backup service that is designed to prevent lost data and give you back that sense of security!

Computer Sales

Ever struggled with the frustration of trying to find the “right” computer or laptop for your needs?

Everyone has different needs, and there isn’t a single computer that fits all of them.

This is why we work with your needs now while considering your growth needs in the future.

Computer Sales | Technix Consulting
Data Migration Service | Technix Consulting

Data Migration Service

Moving your data from an old server to a new one, or having trouble converting from one system to another? 

We are here to take any problems and/or headaches out of the process and provide a clear plan for your business moving forward.

What is it?

Video Surveillance

Protecting your family, property and business is your priority, getting you the right security system is ours!

From stationary cameras to PTZ’s, DVR’s, and NVR’s – we have the skills and knowledge to help you effectively set up your surveillance system.

Video Surveillance Services | Technix Consulting
Networking and Cable Running | Technix Consulting

Networking and Cable Running

Let us help you make your network work the way you need it to!

We will streamline the planning, implementation and management of your network!

We take pride in our work because a properly run network not only looks better – it works better for you!

Tell me more!

Is Data Migration for you?

“Data Migration” is the process of moving data from one location to another, one format to another, or from one application to another.
Generally, this is the result of introducing a new system or a change in the location of data. Often Data Migration is initiated as people or businesses move from an “on-premise” (or locally installed) infrastructure to a cloud-based one to optimize or transform their company.
So, Why Migrate?
  • Moving an application or data to a new location
    (eg. On-Premise to Cloud)
  • Consolidating information from one or more locations
  • legacy systems being replaced by new systems.

What else can we do for you?

    Do you need a network line or internet connection to run to an important device?
  • Do you need professional cable management for your data center, closet, or workspace?
  • Do you need help setting up and maintaining VPN connections for remote users?
  • Do you have a remote site that needs to be joined to your domain?
  • Help configuring:
    • switches
    • routers
    • modems